Kendall B. Polster

After graduating from the University of Georgia in 1990  with majors in zoology and microbiology,  I worked as a research biologist for 3 years at the Blood Center of Southeastern Wisconsin.  I started welding furniture and sculpture for a hobby then.   My brother Craig, who was a certified welder  taught me how to weld.  I started medical school and eventually took a leave of absence in 1994 to pursue my art full time and start WELD GUY !

Kendall Polster torching through the ceremonial chain that Weld Guy made for the grand opening ceremony of the newly constructed

Harley-Davidson Rally Point venue  during the 75th Anniversary  of the Sturgis Motor Cycle Rally.

July 31st   2015  Sturgis,  South Dakota    Photo from HOG Magazine issue 032  2015

1998  –  Kendall working out of his 20 ft x 20 ft garage with just a stick welder, chop saw and oxy / acetylene torch.